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2019 Global Shop
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Global Shop retail expo 2019 |RetailX

Time: June 25-27, 2019
Frequency of exhibition: once a year
Location: McCormick center, Chicago

一、Since its establishment in 1993, "Global Shop", a Global retail trade exhibition in the United States, has developed into a large annual retail trade exhibition in the United States. It is also a Global exhibition on the same level as "Euro Shop" in Dusseldorf, Germany, with a history of 26 years. This exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition of commercial design and retail trade, representing advanced design concepts and development directions in related fields and industries. The exhibition involves a series of services and application products such as store design, products and materials. Since the related products produced by Chinese enterprises have great advantages in price and quality, previous exhibitors all hold a positive attitude towards the exhibition. Here you can learn about the development trend and market prospect of the global mall supplies retail industry, find professional partners and seize the good business opportunities of expanding the international market. In 2019, Global Shop has been merged and upgraded to RetailX, which = Global Shop + IRCE + RFID. The upgraded RetailX combines online implementation models, offline display solutions and equipment, commercial design and innovation, and retail payments, which are now essential elements in the retail space, to show exhibitors and the industry the way forward for new retail.

二、Last exhibition report:

GlobalShop has been successfully held for 26 years, with over 540 exhibitors from over 80 countries, over 10,000 professional buyers and over 20,000 square meters of exhibition space. Among them, 64 enterprises from China have signed up to participate in the exhibition, and the response has been good. More than 20 professional seminars were held during the exhibition, focusing on a wide range of retail and sensory experiences around the world. More than 80% of the professionals on hand realized the importance of retail design and planning. Exhibitors get high-end and cutting-edge innovative ideas at the exhibition and look forward to the effect of the exhibition in 2019

This exhibition is divided into 6 large exhibition halls, and the booths are divided strictly according to the product classification to meet your professional needs. Global shop will continue to be held in Chicago in 2019. The favorable geographical environment makes the exhibition more attractive! GlobalShop is closed to the public and is only available to professional retailers, marketers, contract designers and architects.

三、 Why do you choose to participate in overseas exhibitions?

1. Directly and effectively promote your products to gain more business cooperation and opportunities

2. Collect valuable customer resources, learn new industry technologies, and experience high-end and cutting-edge technologies and products

3. Understand the development trend and obtain business intelligence

4. Various seminars, face-to-face communication with international buyers, industry media and manufacturing industry

四、Products on display:

Store Fixturing Show: display & equipment: Store structure and Store design; Packaging equipment; Shelf system; Table and table system; Store planning; Food preparation solutions; Vending machines; Shopping cart, basket; Accessories; Storage equipment and technology; Store materials: floor; Power grid and pipe fittings; Surface material; Partition wall; Wall system; Wall decoration materials; The door; Fitting room materials;

Visual Merchandising Show: display models: display half-size models; Head mould for display; The wig. Mannequin/statue, hanger; Sculpture, props; Special models; Cloth model; Trunk statue;

Shop/window display: animation technology, rotating table; Hanging objects; Graphic decorative elements; Light box; Luminous identification; Lighting fixtures and fittings; Seasonal decorations, special trade and theme decorations; Fragrance system; Clothing display rack; Movable hanger;

Store Design Operations: building services and materials, ceiling, door and window accessories; External signage; Floor and carpet; General construction and construction services;

The Digital Store: electronic and Digital marketing indicator system; Audio-visual system; Video, booth and e-shopping; Traffic indicators and management; Retail system and software: background computer/server; The keyboard; Coupon printer; Scanning solution; Automatic paid recovery system; Weighing technology and food services; CRM software; POS technology: POS hardware; POS screen, touch screen; POS printer; POS software; Payment system, self-scanning system; Cash management solutions; Cash drawer; Lighting system: lighting design: lighting control system; Lighting technology: lighting products and accessories

At-retail Marketplace: acrylic materials, adhesives, assembly and packaging, corrugated packaging, counter MATS, window and floor designs, metal, wire, and wood displays; Product planning, remodeling and reassembling lines; Product and display;

Retail Marketing Service: market planning Service; Audit and investigation; Product planning, remodeling and reassembling lines; Product and display; Promotion and training