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What are the features of the acrylic tissue box
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    Tissue boxes are one of our most common daily necessities. In addition to home use, it is also used in hotels, restaurants and public places. Tissue boxes are everywhere. As people's quality of life and personal needs continue to improve, the corresponding materials and styles are constantly innovative. For example, more high-grade, grade yakeli tissue box is one of the representatives. It is beautiful and practical, loved by people.

    Acrylic tissue box has good weather resistance, strong adaptability to the natural environment, even if a long time in the sun, wind and rain will not change its performance, anti-aging performance is also very good, can be used in both indoor and outdoor, acrylic tissue box luster to maintain the durability.

    By acrylic tissue box series, such as display series, hotel supplies, household items series, etc., sweet color clear, rich luster, fashionable and chic, beautiful and easy, can make your product better terminal display, attract consumer attention, improve product well-knownness, for you to create a better economic efficiency, better brand and products to broaden the channels.

    Acrylic tissue box and long-term contact with people non-toxic harmless, consumers can be assured to use. Tissue boxes made of acrylic material can be dyed in different colors. The surface can be silk-screen, spray paint or vacuum spray. It has good visual effects.

    Tissue box classification:

1. Carton is the most commonly used one;

2. Metal tissue box, mainly made of tinplate;

3. Plastic tissue box, made of acrylic material, very beautiful, can also be used to decorate the room. The special look is customized.
Nowadays, in the pursuit of personalized demand era, customized tissue boxes are more and more favored by consumers. Shenzhen gift processing factory actively responds to the needs of The Times and consumers, fully meets the needs of various customized and personalized acrylic products, and strives to make customers experience the ultimate products.