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What are the characteristics and maintenance methods of acrylic signs?
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    Acrylic products because it has the superior characteristics of the public like, in all walks of life have been widely used, but because acrylic products easy to scrape, so in the maintenance needs to master some skills to avoid the emergence of these problems, the following, shenzhen zuobang craft gifts small gift son for everyone to support:

    I. advantages of acrylic sign:

Visual effect: colorful, gorgeous, strong visual impact;

Weather resistance: it can be guaranteed for a long time without fading. The service life of good quality boards can be as long as 8-15 years.

Durability: the product has good protection to the built-in light source, which extends the service life of the light source product;

Rationality: reasonable design, rain and moisture proof; Open structure for easy maintenance;

Impact resistance: 200 times higher than glass products, with little risk of breakage;

Transmittance: transmittance is up to 92%, excellent transmittance and soft light;

Fire resistance: non-spontaneous and self-extinguishing; Acrylic plate;

Aesthetics: exquisite workmanship, mirror-like effect, no wrinkles, no seams, all rivet can not exposed;

Energy saving: good light transmittance, corresponding reduction of light source, energy saving, reduce the use cost;

    Ii. Maintenance method of acrylic sign:

1. The cleaning

    Acrylic products, if no special treatment or add resistance to hard agents, the product itself is easy to wear, scratch. So for general dust treatment, you can use feather duster or water rinse, and then wipe with soft cloth. If the surface of the oil treatment, the use of soft detergent with water, with a soft cloth scrub.

2. Wax

    Want the product to be bright and beautiful, can use liquid polishing wax, wipe evenly with soft cloth can achieve the goal.

3. The adhesive

    If the product is damaged carelessly, use adhesive glue/adhesive/adhesive or quick-drying agent.

4. The polishing

    If the product is scratched or the surface wear is not very serious, you can try to use a polishing machine (or car waxing machine) mounted on the cloth wheel, dipped in the right amount of liquid polishing wax, even polishing can be improved.

Based on the characteristics and maintenance of acrylic signs need to be carefully mastered, in the use of the process to pay attention to avoid gravity extrusion and impact, not stored in a damp place, keep ventilation and cool and dry environment is more conducive to the release of acrylic signs of the original luster and texture.