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Acrylic beverage meal plate processing custom
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Acrylic drinks menu

Acrylic wine and meal plate in the sprinkler food plate market application of the most, because of its unique characteristics, the processing of acrylic produced wine and meal plate performance far more than other wine and meal plate, and cost-effective, deeply love the pursuit of the masses of customers.

Acrylic is a kind of high polymer polyester organic matter, physical properties and chemical properties is very stable, made of acrylic wine meal card quality is very good, especially the base part not uniform tightness is differ, comparison, base with protective film side does not have a very clean white pitting high-grade, and screen printing can be all kinds of brand slogan and LOGO, the use of very high-end hotels, restaurants and other large events.

Where is the yakeli beverage menu processed?

Choose us: shenzhen zuobang exhibition focus on acrylic products processing for 18 years, acrylic decka using PMMA imported acrylic material, transparency is quite high. Edge with diamond polishing, bright and clean, beautiful color, crystal clear, full personality, not comparable to similar goods on the market, simple, fashion and exquisite business life first choice!

Excellent quality: as the first enterprise certified by ISO9001 in acrylic industry, shenzhen zuobang exhibition has a complete operating system, advanced acrylic processing equipment, free product design scheme, to provide you with cheap and high quality acrylic products.

Service scope: professional customized a variety of acrylic household articles for daily use, such as acrylic photo frames, vases, bookshelf, acrylic wall clock, fish tanks, sanitary ware, and so on, a variety of high-grade hotel dining with acrylic menu, decca, acrylic table card, acrylic price tag, store signs, acrylic sign, glasses frame, etc. A variety of electronic consumer goods display shelf, mobile phone display shelf, cosmetics display shelf, acrylic display shelf, plexiglass display shelf, information acrylic display shelf, jewelry display shelf.