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The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic panel and tempered glass panel are compared
Source: | Author:tsingchan | Published time: 2019-10-10 | 1128 Views | Share:

   Currently on the market the most used glass is tempered glass and organic glass, commonly known as "acrylic" organic glass, acrylic panel and toughened glass panels is most widely used material, let's introduce acrylic panel for everyone and the advantages and disadvantages of toughened glass panel, later on select material for us to have a certain reference value.

Advantages of acrylic panel:

(1) the surface hardness of optic-grade double-sided hard acrylic is 4H (tested by mitsubishi pencil in Japan). Compared with toughened glass, the hardness of acrylic is not as good as glass.

(2) there is no fingerprint is not the difference between acrylic and glass, but a kind of process, the effect of anti-fingerprint acrylic and tempered glass can be done, this acrylic is not worse than tempered glass, and the processing fees compared to acrylic to prevent fingerprint is cheaper than tempered glass.

(3) thermal expansion and cold contraction are the physical properties of the acrylic, glass also has, but smaller, this acrylic is not as stable as tempered glass.

(4) processing time, about one-fifth of the processing time of acrylic glass, tempered glass must be made into a single finished product can go to screen printing, acrylic is batch screen printing and then go to CNC, the efficiency is conceivable.

(5) tempered glass is fragile, free falling at the same height, acrylic is more fragile than glass.

(6) cost: the cost of tempered glass is more than twice that of acrylic, because the glass is defective, difficult to process, the rate of cracking and scrap is higher than that of acrylic, and the cost is also much higher.

The above two kinds of materials have advantages and disadvantages, mainly to see your own needs, does not represent the good or bad of two kinds of materials, only more in line with their own needs of the product!

The drawback of toughened glass panel is the drawback of acrylic panel

Advantages of tempered glass panel:

(1) hardness: the hardness of acrylic panel is up to 3 H, while the hardness of tempered glass is 6 to 7 H.

(2) the tempered glass panel is not easy to scratch, leaving no fingerprints, while the acrylic is easy to scratch, with fingerprints.

(3) acrylic has the phenomenon of hot expansion and cold shrinkage, but the tempered glass will not have.