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Production process of unstitched acrylic signage
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      The latest acrylic crystal craft without suture layer, can be widely used in crystal MEDALS, badges, meal card, employee card, JinYanPai, CARDS, CARDS, department meeting, badges, XiongHui, decca, table card, wine card, sign, door plate, key plate layer of acrylic products, are available for hotels, shopping malls, office, schools, factories and other enterprises and institutions.
     Transparent acrylic through the lamination machine heating in the appropriate temperature molding, and then cooling, and then carving, grinding, polishing processing, finished color surface of the sign smooth, bright, crystal clear. Because the acrylic material has better transparency, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, so as to improve the grade of the product.

     First, creative design
The color design of the product can be arbitrary design, can also be used or sculpture or a variety of technology combination. The shape can be designed according to the product.

     Two, scraping laminated adhesive
When processing to consider acrylic, laminate material characteristics, colorless transparent best. Choose dust-free workshop, and then do 100-200 purpose screen, scraping on the acrylic above, let it naturally dry.

     Third, laminated
First brush good adhesive acrylic check, if there is dust on it, first of all to clean, clean, and then put the design printed patterns (printed matter, the best use of PVC) in the middle of two has been brushed adhesive acrylic or a variety of color acrylic lamination.

     Four, sculpture,
The pressed acrylic plate is carved according to the pattern.
     Five, grinding, polishing

After grinding and polishing, the product is cleaned.