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How is the market for plexiglass furniture in China?
Source: | Author:tsingchan | Published time: 2019-10-11 | 1793 Views | Share:

   Plexiglass furniture also calls "yakeli furniture", the market that is in China still has not been prevailed completely, just can use commonly high-grade recreational place or high-grade furniture market.
   Plexiglass furniture begins to get the love of partial crowd as individuation furniture, believe plexiglass furniture will be more and more popular in Chinese market.
   Plexiglass furniture basically has the following five big advantages. 

   First: transparent texture. The transparent acrylic sheet has a light transmittance of 92%, higher than ordinary glass, and a crystal-like luster. Due to the particularity of plexiglass material, the glittering and translucent texture of plexiglass can be "crystal furniture" in furniture products, used to do plexiglass table, plexiglass table legs.

   The 2nd: modelling vogue individual character. Easy to manufacture and process, sawing, planing, easy to hot bending, suitable for all kinds of unique technology requirements of furniture design, there are more extensive modeling possibilities in furniture design, making furniture designers more open to furniture materials.

   Third: colorful. Plexiglass material can be made according to the requirements of furniture product color system into gold, silver, red, blue, tawny and other rich colors. Its bright and beautiful color, can let your bedroom instant fresh rise, yakeli furniture becomes a kind of can let a bedroom immediately bright rise "secret weapon".

   Fourth: durability. Plexiglass light weight, high surface hardness; High temperature resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance is good; And electrical insulation is good. The acrylic furniture looks durable. Plexiglass has a real "connotation".
      Fifth: environmental protection and recyclable. Plexiglass material can be recycled, which can not only not pollute the environment but also save the limited resources of the society, which is the green environmental protection material in the true sense.